How to create a new topic and give reply to a topic?

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How to create a new topic and give reply to a topic?

First of all what is TOPIC? Topic in this forum means you are creating a new post just like you create a post in your facebook. Where you share or express your opinions. The topic can be of anything which will start or initiate a discussion.

After you register on our website you need to click on the activation link to activate your account which will be sent to your email address provided while you registered. Basically activation link is sent immediately or it may take time upto 5 minutes to receive. Once your account is activated you can create topic and post reply to the topics. If you don't receive the activation link in your email wait untill we will activate your account manually or send us a email to activate with your username on

How to create a Topic?

Once you are successfully registered you are now eligible to create a topic. Go to the section where you would like to create a topic. For example go to Introduction section under the General category. There to introduce about yourself you have to click on the "New Topic" button.
New Topic.png
New Topic.png (25.62 KiB) Viewed 17593 times

>> After you click on it you will see something like this

Post example.png
Post example.png (93.51 KiB) Viewed 17593 times

>>Here give a "Subject" to your topic and put your matter in the body.

>>After you add everything it would look like this:
Subject and body eg.png
Subject and body eg.png (87.85 KiB) Viewed 17593 times

That's it, Done. You have successfully posted your first topic.

How to reply to a topic (or) post a reply ?

For example: Here Kirshna Kishore has started a discussion by creating a NEW TOPIC.
Topic ex.png
Topic ex.png (128.14 KiB) Viewed 17593 times

To give reply to this topic simply click on the "Post Reply" button and submit your reply.
Post Reply.png
Post Reply.png (31.03 KiB) Viewed 17593 times

That's it done now you have successfully posted a reply to a post
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